July 19, 2020 Evening Prayer Service


L1        The Lord be with you

All:     And also with you.

L2:      Let us pray…

            O God, we call. O God, we call.

            From deep inside we yearn.

            From deep inside we yearn.

            From deep inside we yearn for you.

All:     Amen.

Musician chants: “O God, We Call” (SP 30)

L1:      We gather to hear the promises of God, to pray for healing and for one another, to give and to receive the anointing of oil and the laying on of hands, and to be sent into the world as wounded healers and bearers of Christ’s love.

L2:      During the liturgy, the space will become dark, inviting silence and stillness. Our prayer is woven of scripture, silence, and song.


Mark 5:24-28


Mark 5:29-32


Mark 5:33-34

L1:      Word of God, Word of Life.

All:     Thanks be to God.

L2:      We are gathered to cry out together for healing.

L1:      We gather, as the crowd pressed in, to glimpse this Jesus.

L2:      We wait to touch the fringe of his clothing, to be made well, for in him is our only hope.

L1:      We come to this place, around this cross, to pray with and for one another. In the simple act of extending our hearts to one another, we find Christ Jesus reaching toward us and toward all who suffer, and making us whole.

Chant: “O God, We Call”


As the following is read, musician or another leader can light a candle and place in sand. Stand.

L1:      Come, you who yearn for hope and healing in the world.

L2:      Come kneel at the cross, you who wait to see justice and truth.

L1:      Come, you who yearn for the well-being of your body or soul.

L2:      Come, you who yearn for the health of a loved one.

L1:      With your praise and petitions, come.

L2:      When the music begins, we create a circle of healing around the cross. Our bodies, our hearts, all become part of our longing for wholeness.

L1:      Those who desire can come to place a candle in the sand and stand to pray at the cross. Take as much time as you need. If you lack words to pray for yourself, pray over those at the cross. When you are ready, write a prayer

L2:      At regular intervals, we will lift up the healing prayer together. As you pray, wherever you are, use your oil to anoint yourself or those who are praying as a reminder of the baptismal grace that heals and frees us every day.

Musician begins with simple healing songs in background.

            “Help Us See Your Tears” (SP 15)

            “Healer of Our Every Ill” (ELW 612)

In between songs, we will lift up the healing prayer written on the cards.

Silence after prayers and music have ended.


L1:      Please take the fabric that you have in your baggie. As you hold it, name your burden. What makes you feel sad, anxious, powerless, or trapped? Breathe into this question as you discern what’s weighing you down.

L2:      Now, write your burden on the fabric and wrap it around your hand. Pray for God’s help to let it go.

L1:      When you’re ready, unbind the cloth, tie it to the tapestry framework, and leave your burden behind — a symbol of your faith in God’s grace to help you live unbound.


L2:      Let us pray.

We give thanks, O God, that you have come to heal us, and have called us to bring your healing to one another. Fill us with your Spirit, that we may be faithful to your call and grateful for your power. Send us into the world as healers in Christ’s name.

All:     Amen.

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